Friday, 14 September 2012

Monday - Wednesday (its been a busy week

Week commencing Monday 10th September (mon - weds )

As i need to rant about Thursday  (big style) you would have died of boredom before i got to it so have made an executive decision to split this weeks rant into 2 parts.


Still feeling diabolical so crawl out of bed and email work to say I am stopping at home. Because I live alone and hence am unable to get sympathy from those around me I stick a note on my face book page saying I am poorly – virtual sympathy in these days of the internet will in emergencies have to do.
I rally a little in the afternoon but still have a temperature and feel clammy. Check my home email  and have emails from both firemen past and present and also from Friends of the Earth and the Green Party about  the No2 Incinerator Campaign. By the time you read this a press release complete with a “secret” set of        appendices will have been sent to every journalist in Leeds. Flash bang wallop what a blooming contract ............... we have had it read by professionals and its a joke (or license to print money if your name is by any chance Veolia).
Crawl back into bed and stay there – listening to my complete boxed set of Old Harrys Game CDs – which is the best comedy programme EVER. Andy Hamilton is simply a genius.


Crawl out of bed and email work I am still dying – I am pretty sure as my insides are giving me hell I have been contaminated with wheat gluten. 
Crawl back into bed and play on face book as I need more virtual sympathy.  Update Diary of Gin Fuelled as it’s a quick copy and paste job from word . After a quick message from a friend I discover that tragically an elderly gentleman died in a house fire last night in Chapeltown. Appliances from both Moortown and Gipton attended but even with fire fighters wearing breathing apparatus he could not be saved.
 And it re enforces why I am rolling up my sleeves and fighting the fire cuts – because a smoke alarm may (hopefully) mean you watch  a fire from the outside of your house  instead of screaming for help from the inside,  and  only a qualified fire fighter can get you out of a burning building safely. NOT ONCE EVER HAS A SMOKE ALARM CARRIED A PERSON FROM A BURNING BUILDING......... Simon Pilling and all the councillors on the fire authority hold that thought and Vote NO to the IRMP 2012/13.

Later in the afternoon I take a call from from West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue. They are ringing regarding a blog post about the event listed above. Under normal circumstances I would of course tell you all about it but  I don’t think I can /should. They have breached every information governance and I suspect the data protection act rule in the book! And as I am not the press and therefore not covered by rules regarding embargoes in theory I could blog to high heaven about what they have told me, but I won’t. I couldn’t  - I can’t say any more I am absolutely appalled. I have however informed WYFRS and am considering making a formal complaint. The things WYFRS will do to change things round beggars belief.

This evening is the first of the Community Leadership Teams – a meeting to be held behind closed doors. I most certainly do not approve but will be going along so I can report the goings on in this blog. Only labour could in their wisdom choose to close the best attended forum in Inner east Leeds – I do not doubt for a minute because they don’t like what it says to them........ never mind my tune won’t change I shall still carry on.
Before I go to bed I sneak a peek at the hits we have had on the new site to oppose the fire cuts and I am pleased – so far so good.

Arrive at work to be confronted by the bag of tortilla chips. ........ we (the office) are down to about the half way mark.
Feel a million times better due in part to copious amounts of tummy calming drugs – three cheers for the NHS  (whilst we still have it)
Work is a disaster for an hour or two as our systems are playing up (again). But it gives me an opportunity to catch up on “stuff”. Take a peek at the new blog we have set up   FIRE CUTS COST LIVES (click to take a peek) and we have already got over a hundred hits which is amazing from a standing start.  And to say only yesterday 3 people knew of its existence. The  Fire Brigades Union have  indicated that they will only supply information for it if we ask for it (nicely of course)so decide to ask a very general question and see what floats back via email. I can make the requests more specific as we go along.  At lunchtime the hit rate had crept up and I am feeling a combination of smug and happy. (ok 75% smug 25% happy).
Sadly,  after much deliberation have had to formally complain about member of staff at WYFRS.  And then discover their compliments / complaints email address isn’t working. So in the end send it to Simon Pilling – chief fire officer and Cllr Khan of Kirklees – whose email sort of gives the impression he is rather too important for his own good............ 
Which gets me thinking perhaps I should have a new email address
 that.woman     or 
Anyway by the time I leave work my smug AND happiness ratings are sky high..........the new blog is going bananas.
In the early evening as my nails are looking distinctly tatty I take all the old polish off them, give them a bit of a file and spruce up then repaint them a dark red. But I do miss Scarlet doing my nails. Decide to make determined effort to find new manicurist, I may be a bad tempered old goat but even hooves need the occasional pamper session.

Thursday to Sunday to follow ................................... on monday !!!!

Enjoy your weekend

Sarah X X X